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Engineering Equipment
  • Multifunctional stat
  • Hydraulic vibratory
  • Hydraulic impact ham
  • Engineering equipmen
  • Manipulator pile dri
  • Crawler crane piling
  • Hydraulic vibratory
  • Static pressure pile
Material parameters
parking garage

China has entered the automotive era in an all-round way. The number of motor vehicles in China exceeds 300 million. Parking has become the primary problem in the transportation field of modern society. With the help of professional construction team and advanced construction methods, Zizhu EQUIPMENT Foundation has successfully developed a new environmental protection intelligent three-dimensional garage. This new type of garage covers a small area, is easy to disassemble and assemble, mobile, convenient access, safe and reliable, perfect service, research and development success has been a number of national invention patents and widespread concern of the community.

Quality of life, vision of the future, kangaroo parking, farewell rush, we are committed to become China's intelligent and environmentally friendly parking leader!

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