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LIAONING ZIZHU HIGH-TECH EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.(hereinafter referred to as: Zizhu  EQUIPMENT) , the main business includes all kinds of steel sheet pile lease, design, construction, corrosion protection. The existing products include U-shaped, Z-shaped, plate-shaped and other large series of more than 30 specifications of steel sheet pile products, and 400mm-2000mm steel pipe pile products. The products are manufactured in strict accordance with the national, Japanese and European standards. The quality of the products has reached the international leading level. In 2013, the products were certified by Lloyd's Quality Certification Institution. The products were certified by BC1:2012 Standard Certificate of Singapore Quality and Safety System and TIS Certificate of Thailand Industrial Standard System.

Zizhu  EQUIPMENT successfully landed on the new third board in August 1, 2014 and became a listed company in Anshan. Stock Name: Zizhu pile foundation, stock code: 830894. The company's business scope covers foundation and foundation engineering, pile foundation engineering, deep foundation pit supporting engineering, slope treatment, diaphragm wall, soft foundation treatment, steel sheet pile cofferdam engineering, steel sheet pile and supporting material leasing, construction machinery leasing, etc. The company consists of Anshan Zizhu Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Anshan Zizhu Overseas Engineering Management Co., Ltd., Harbin subsidiary, Anshan subsidiary, Tianjin subsidiary, Shanghai subsidiary, Wuhan subsidiary, Guangzhou subsidiary, Xiamen subsidiary, Kunming subsidiary, Changchun office, Jinan office, Haikou Office It has more than 20 branches, including the office in Changsha, Lianyungang, Chengdu, Nanchang and Wenzhou. Its network covers the whole country. The company has advanced piling and supporting construction equipment, outstanding professional and technical personnel, as well as special construction design and anti-corrosion design team, can contract for domestic and foreign housing construction foundation pit support, barge wharf support, retaining water-proof curtain wall, breakwater diversion dike revetment, pier water-proof cofferdam, temporary island, pipe Construction of large and medium-sized projects such as ditch support and various kinds of municipal foundation pit support.

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